Blood Transfusion ,why would you need a blood transfusion ~ Medical diseases and trems ,symptoms causes TREATMENT

Blood Transfusion ,why would you need a blood transfusion

                                 BLOOD TRANSFUSION


                     Determination of recipient blood group is known as matching .

   Cross Matching 

          Mixing of donner antigen with recipient antibody is known as cross matching.

  Mismatch blood transfusion reaction 

            1. Clinical feature of transfusion reaction -

                      - Rigor , chills , fever , itching , Tachycardia , palpitation , Tachypnoea ,                                  Dyspnoea , sweating  .

            2. Nursing priority during Transfusion reaction 

                   - Stop the transfusion 

                   - Administer normal saline

                   - Call the physician 

                   - Inform to blood bank 

                   - send the  blood sample and urine sample 

                   - Documentation the finding 


          * The nurse should stay with the client for 10 to 15 minute during initial blood transfusion .

          * The blood bag { Temperature 2-8°C } should be kept in the blood warmer before transfusion .

            * Normal transfusion take 4 hour if , it take more then 4 hour then there will be risk of septicemia  or it take less then 4 hour , it may cause fluid over load risk.

  Drug administration after blood transfusion reaction 

        Inj. Avil [ pheniramine maleate] 

         Inj. Dexona

        Inj. calcium gluconat  if Hypo calcium.

        Inj. Lasix  , to decrease fluid over load .


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