GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME , Cause , sign and symptom , treatment ~ Medical diseases and trems ,symptoms causes TREATMENT

GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME , Cause , sign and symptom , treatment

                             GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME

      * It is the disorder of peripheral nerve system . In this condition cranial nerve and spinal nerve are affected . In this condition destruction of schwann cell occur so the demyelination of the neurons will occur in the PNS. 

      The nerve transmission is effected due to damage in myelin sheath.


        *     Auto immunity - The immune system become hyper active and auto antibodies are formed against the schwann cell .

        *    The patient has the history of GIT or Respiratory infection few day back .

        *     The campylobacter Jejuni infection is commonly associated with GB syndrome .


        * The symptom initially appear in the lower extremities .

        *Paresthesia occur [ Burning and Tingling sensation ]

        * Muscles weakness in lower extremities .

        * Ascending paralysis .

        * The danger complication of GB syndrome is Respiratory paralysis.


       * CT OR MRI

       * Antibodies detection test

       * nerve conduction Test.


     Medical management 

                - Immunoglobulin therapy   - These antibodies destruct the auto antibodies.

               - Plasmapheresis - In this procedure the auto antibodies are remove from the circulation.

               - Immunosuppressive therapy

               - Steroid therapy 

    Nursing Management

          * Continuous monitor the respiratory system.

          * The tracheostomy set and mechanical ventilator should always be available at the bed side .

          * Prevent injury to the patient because peripheral sensation and movement become disturbed . 


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